Rosmaling coloring pages


I encourage coloring pages to be set out when you read the stories in the children’s program.  Some children are better able to concentrate if they have something to do with their hands.  Other children may be too young to follow some of the stories.  Providing coloring pages will give these children something to do so that they will be quiet while you are reading to the group.  Coloring pages are also a great arrival activity, something you can get children started on as they arrive at different times.

When you set out coloring pages I also suggest that you set out blank paper as well.  Some children may want to draw their own interpretations of the stories.  Blank paper will encourage more creativity than coloring pages.

Rosmaling is a traditional Norwegian painting style.  The name translates to rose painting.  Traditional rosmalling is a stylized painting of flowers.  A thick paint is used and layers of paint applied with specific brush strokes to create the design.    Rosmaling coloring pages are good to use for any children’s program since they are a common Norwegian craft.

I created these coloring pages by printing pictures of rosmaling on plain printer paper.  Then I traced the edges of the images with a black Sharpie, this creates a mirror image of the outline on the back side of the paper.  I then retraced the lines that bled through the paper on the back of the page.  After that I traced the lines on a fresh piece of paper to get a clean outline.  I then scanned the clean outline into the computer.  I simplified the designs as I traced them to make them more kid friendly.  You can copy this process to make coloring pages from books or other sources.

If you are looking for more rosemaling coloring pages and don’t want to create your own, I recommend getting a book from your local library about rosamaling.  Some books on rosemaling contain patterns for rosemaling.  Photocopies of these patterns will make good coloring pages as well.


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